13 Dilkusha C/A Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh

“ করবো বীমা গড়বো দেশ , স্মার্ট হবে বাংলাদেশ”

Fire Insurance

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Engineering Workshop

Construction Type

1st Class

Full concrete building / KCC

2nd Class

Metal Sheet roof with brick wall

3rd Class

Made with full metal sheet

4th Class

Made with mat or bamboo sheet

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Riot and Strike Damage (R&SD)

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Earthquake Damage

Flood (B/M) Damage

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Bursting of Pipe

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Malicious Damage

Electrical Clause "B"

Cyclone (B/M) Damage

Cyclone (stock) Damage

Minimum Preminum Amount BDT 500.00 for Fire &/or Lighting
Minimum Preminum Amount BDT 500.00 for Electrical Clause B