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Marine Insurance

Product and Services / Marine Insurance

Marine Cargo insurance:
Peace of mind for global

Covers the subject matter i.e. Cargo, Freight, Hull and ensures quick settlement of claim within soonest possible time in respect of any loss or damage to the interest of the insured caused by Maritime perils and/or other extraneous risk, insured against under the terms and conditions of the policy bought.

According to recommendations of the United Nations
Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)
we are providing following coverage:

=> ICC-A (All Risks)

=> ICC-B

=> ICC-C

=> War & SRCC as additional coverage

We also provide Theft & Pilferage (TP) and Non-delivery coverage with ICC-B & coverage. ICC-A covers all risks with some exceptions. Moreover, we are providing Inland Transit coverage by Truck/Lorry/Rail/Burge/Country Boat as required by the Insured.

Protection for the unpredictable sea
Marine Hull Insurance

Comprehensive cover on Hull & Machinery as per ITC Hull clause

Total loss only including Sue and Labor charge on Hull & Machinery

Marine Country Boat

Our easy work process for getting Insurance

Submits Insurance Materials

Client select reliable insurance and submits insurance materials

Company Studies Insuring Materials

Insurance company studies insuring materials and quote price for clients

Clients Accept Insurance

Issue insurance policy and payment notice to the clients and pay insurance premium

Receive Insurance Policy

Client receive insurance policy from the company