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Miscellaneous Insurance

Products & Services / Miscellaneous Insurance

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Eastland Insurance

Eastland Insurance has already earned goodwill and reputation as a professional insurer in providing various types of conventional as well as non-conventional insurance products to its valued customers. To keep pace with the latest trends in insurance market, there is an on-going process at Reliance to introduce newer products in the market to address the needs of customers and thereby retaining our long-earned market reputation. 

Miscellaneous insurance covers

All Risk Insurance (AR)

Employer’s Liability Insurance (EL)

Cash-in-Safe Insurance (CIS)

Public Liability Insurance (PL)

Cash-in-Transit Insurance (CIT)

Contingency Liability Insurance (CLI)

Product Liability Insurance (PDL)

Cash-on-Premises Insurance (COP)

Workmen’s Compensation Insurance (WP)

Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGL)

Cash-on-Counter Insurance (COC)

Air Travel Insurance (ATI)

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance (FG)

Business Interruption (BI)/Loss of Profit Insurance

Overseas Mediclaim Insurance (OMI)

Personal Accident Insurance (PA)

Our easy work process for getting Insurance

Submits Insurance Materials

Client select reliable insurance and submits insurance materials

Company Studies Insuring Materials

Insurance company studies insuring materials and quote price for clients

Clients Accept Insurance

Issue insurance policy and payment notice to the clients and pay insurance premium

Receive Insurance Policy

Client receive insurance policy from the company