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Product & Services / Reinsurence
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Reinsurance, broadly speaking, is the insurance of insurance where the original insurer gets the risks covered with another (re-insurer) for the same reason the original insured get protection for. The reinsurance policy of the company is to purchase maximum reinsurance protection at minimum cost.

Based on above philosophy, retention limit of different business segment of the company is being revised :

Asset base
Premium income
Corporate strategy
Size of the portfolio
types of risks
pattern of loss
types of reinsurance

Moreover, the retention of the company is protected by excess of loss treaty to minimize the retained loss under fire, marine and engineering policies. In accordance to present rule,


of the re-insurable general insurance business shall have to be reinsured with Sadharan Bima Corporation (SBC)

and the remaining to be reinsured either with Sadharan Bima Corporation or outside Bangladesh.

Eastland Insurance Company Limited takes reinsurance coverage for the rest 50% from the internationally reputed Re-Insurers such as

Loyds of London, Munich-Re of Germany
Swiss-Re of Switzerland
General Insurance Corporation (GIC) of India
Malaysian Reinsurance Berhad
Africa Re
Moscow Re
BEST Re- insurance, Malaysia
Amin Re, Iran
National Insurance Co. Ltd,, India
Arthur Gallalgher Asia Pvt. Ltd. A.R.I.G Bahrain
Aveni Re,Africa
Asean Retakaful International (L) Ltd., Malaysia
Sen Re, Senegal
Iffco Toxio General Insurance Co. Ltd,, India
New India Insurance Co. Ltd., India
Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd., India
Korean Re-Insurance Co. Ltd., Korea
Asian Reinsurance Corporation, Thailand

Through renowned Multinational Re-insurance Brokers such as :

Tyser, London
J.B Boda, Mumbai
Heritage Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd. Kolkata
M.B. Boda, Mumbai
J.B Boda & Co.(s) Pvt. Ltd., Singapore
Protection Insurance Services WLL, Bahrain
Reliance Composite Insurance Broking Ltd., India
Aditya Birala Insurance Brokers Ltd.
National Insurance Co. Ltd, India