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Fire Insurance

Product and Services / Fire Insurance

Protect your insured property
from accidental fire by our Fire

Covers almost all types of property and ensures settlement of claim within the soonest possible time in respect of any loss of or damage to the property due to fire & its allied perils insured against under the terms & condition of the policy bought.

An Insured can take the following coverage in Fire policy

Riot and Strike (R&SD)

Earthquake Damage

Flood Damage

Cyclone, Hurricane,
Typhoon &Tornado

Aircraft Damage

Explosion Damage

Burning of forest, bush,
jungle & the clearing of
lands by fire Damage

We are also providing the following coverage’s

Fire Special Package

Industrial All Risk
Insurance (IAR)

Machinery Insurance

Property All Risk (PAR)

Our easy work process for getting Insurance

Submits Insurance Materials

Client select reliable insurance and submits insurance materials

Company Studies Insuring Materials

Insurance company studies insuring materials and quote price for clients

Clients Accept Insurance

Issue insurance policy and payment notice to the clients and pay insurance premium

Receive Insurance Policy

Client receive insurance policy from the company